To Athens Greece We Go (VBS 2013)

Due to circumstances beyond our control our trip to Athens has been reschedule to Monday 5th August,2013 and conclude on Sabbath 10th. August.

Also to accommodate all participants the event has been shifted to the Excel Composite school. 100 seats were available for this event of which 60 has already been occupied, as such individuals desirous of attending the event are asked to collect your registration forms from Sis. Samanta Benjamin.

Complete registration will be conducted on the following dates and time:
Tuesday23rd july @5-6:30pm
Wednesday24th july @5-6:30pm
Monday 29th july @5-6:30pm 
At the Maranatha sda church.

Also remember that you can register online at (
Additionally we will be registering participants on Sunday 28th July at corner of 17th street Beetham Gardens for our friends in that area who are desirous of attending.

Remember it is 6 exciting days to Athens at an unbeatable price to meet with Paul and hear about his dangerous journey.

It is a family affair, families with six or more participants will receive huge discounts, plus it is first come first serve so you don't want to miss out. 

* Individuals who have indicated their interest in being volunteers for V.B.S 2013 are kindly asked to attend a very important briefing session on Wednesday 24th July, 2013 at 5:30pm at Maranatha sda. It is important that we gather to discuss our various roles and functions in this fantastic event. 

For additional information contact Sis Samantha Benjamin on telephone # 721-8494  or 347-9826